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Further Information on Aromatherapy

Therapeutic properties of Essential Oils

Essential oils are generally very concentrated each essential oil offers its own individual therapeutic properties and fragrance such as anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, astringent and antioxidant properties. During an aromatherapy treatment essential oils are prescribed according to the condition being treated and may be combined to form a synergistic blend to promote a greater therapeutic effect. For example some oils are used to promote physical healing to treat swelling or fungal infections. Others are used for their emotional value which may promote relaxation or make a room smell fragrant.

Therapeutic Properities of Essential Oils

The application of Essential Oils

Practitioners of aromatherapy apply essential oils using several different methods, including indirect inhalation via a room diffuser or drops of oil placed near the patient (e.g., on a tissue), direct inhalation used in an individual inhaler (e.g., a few drops of essential oil floated on top of hot water to aid a sinus headache), or aromatherapy massage), which is the application to the body of essential oils diluted in a carrier oil. Other direct and indirect applications include mixing essential oils in bath salts and lotions or applying them to dressings.

Synthetic Oils

Oils produced with the aid of chemical solvents are not regarded as true essential oils, because the solvent residues can alter the purity of the oils themselves which may lead to adulteration of the fragrance and its therapeutic properties.



Essential oils have unique therapeutic properties and have been used for centuries in fragrances, medicines and flavourings and can be applied in a variety of ways such as-

  • Arguably the most popular is aromatherapy oils blended with a carrier oil for body massage

  • In compresses

  • In lotions or creams for individual use

  • Through vaporisers or steam inhalation (steam room)

  • In warm bathing baths (preferably diluted first)


The No.1 Pain Relief Clinic

The No.1 Pain Relief Clinic uses the ‘Aromatherapy’ to help relieve pain which may be caused by a variety of physiological or psychological conditions. This is then supplemented by other forms of treatment alongside current evidence based research to support its use for pain relief to provide a more enhanced comprehensive holistic approach.

Sorrel Wilmer

I was recommended to see Nick whilst on holiday in Buxton due to his reputation as a therapist. The treatment was thoroughly relaxing and very beneficial for reducing my stress levels.


Nick's knowledge in massage and essential oils is excellent as he expertly tailored the treatment and combination of the oils to suit my mood and requirements.


Nick is a truly gifted therapist as well as an inspiration to others. Thank you so much Nick for an enjoyable relaxing treatment.

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